Feria of Nîmes Pentecôte (Whitsun) Corrida and Courses Camarguaises programme 2016

The Feria of Nîmes Pentecôte (Whitsun) Corrida and Courses Camarguaises programme 2016

Here is the full programme of the corridas and courses camarguaises that will be held during this coming Feria of Nîmes Pentecôte (Whitsun), “Feria de Pentecôte” in the arena of Nîmes. This is one of the biggest events in France with six days of crazy festivities and the corridas are one of the main highlights besides, the Pegoulade, bodegas, pena, equestrian shows, food, flamenco concerts, markets and much more!! Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance on the website of the arena of Nîmes.

Date: 12 to 16 May 2016

Feria of Nîmes Pentecôte (Whitsun) 2016
Feria of Nîmes Pentecôte (Whitsun) 2016


Course Camarguaise

Place: Arena. Arènes de Nîmes

Thursday May 12th

6pm Course Camarguaise (Bull race and skills game)

Trophy : Trophée des As

Bulls :

  • Loubard, Epervier et Mignon de Cuillé
  • Sylvérado de Nicollin
  • Lebraou, Cassius et Jupiter de Laurent

Corridas (Bullfighting)

IMG_3673 (Copy)

Place: Arena. Arènes de Nîmes


Friday May the 13th

6 pm Novillada: Pablo Aguado, Leo Valadez, Andy Younes

Novillos de Parlade


Samedi 14 mai

11.30am Corrida: Enrique Ponce, Juan Bautista, Jose Garrido

Toros (bulls) de Torrealta


6pm Corrida: El Juli, Sebastien Castella, Alvaro Lorenzo (Novillero, he will take his alternativa)

Toros (bulls) de Garcigrande


Dimanche 15 mai

11.30am Corrida: Morante de la Puebla, David Mora, Gines Marin (Novillero, he will take his alternativa)

Toros (bulls) de Zalduendo


6pm Corrida: Jose Maria Manzanares, Alberto Lopez Simon, Varea (Novillero, he will take his alternativa)

Toros de Juan Pedro Domecq


Lundi 16 mai

11.30am Rejoneo Corrida (Portuguese equestrian corrida): Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Manuel Manzanares, Lea Vicens

Toros (bulls) de Bohorquez


5.30pm Corrida: Sebastien Castella, Miguel Angel Perera, Andres Roca Rey

Toros (bulls) de Daniel Ruiz






If you are planning to go the Feria de Pentecôte and the Feria des vendanges, you have to book accommodation as far ahead as possible as the place will be packed out, especially if you want your accommodation to be located in Nîmes. Some other options are to book a place in the surrounding districts such as Vacquerolles, Nîmes Costières etc… if you have a car or you are fine with the bus you can also book a hotel, a villa or a guest house in one of the beautiful surrounding villages such as Caveirac, Clarensac, Caissargues etc…

You can easily book your hotel on Tripadvisor by clicking to the link bellow
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It is easy to use, you can compare the different accommodations and you will get the best deals.

If you need more information to organize your trip to the Feria of Nîmes I will make very soon a complete guide to the Feria of Nîmes. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to send me your questions or comments. For the date of the Feria 2016 please have a look at the following: calendar of the 2016 events in Nîmes




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