Tarte Tatin (Tatin Pie)

Tarte Tatin

The Tarte Tatin is a French classic upside-down fruit tart. Its origins especially the way it was invented is somehow not clear. Several versions are made, often by changing the tradition apples by other fruits such as apricots. It is also made with more or less caramel and cinnamon up to the mood of the chef. You can find this pie in any region and city of France. At the restaurant this is the championship when it comes to choose a quick and yummy dessert to go with your cup of coffee. You will not go wrong  if you pick up a tarte Tatin in the menu.

tarte tatin


It is said that the Tarte tatin may have been created by accident in 1880 in a hotel named Tatin located some 100km south of Paris. This hotel where named after the family name of the 2 sisters who were running it. One of the sister while doing a classic apple pie had left the apples overcooking in the sugar and the butter into the oven. It started burn so she quickly tried to save the dish by adding the pastry puff on top of the apples and finishing it to cook into the oven. She then and by accident caramelized the upside-down pie. She served her guests with this unusual pie and it became an instant success! The tatin pie (Tarte tatin) was born and it became a signature dish of the hotel. Anyway the rest of the story is long and what matter the most is what this pie is made of 😉

I invite you to have a look at my recipe of apricot version of the Tarte tatin here:
Apricot Tatin Pie (Tarte tatin aux abricots)
The tart tatin is an upside-down pie made with caramelized apple and often with a touch of ground cinnamon.

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Apricot tarte tatin

Where to find the tarte tatin :
Literally everywhere in France, in restaurants, coffee shops etc… As stated above the recipe will change up to the region and the place.
I suggest you to order it “a la mode” with a vanilla ice cream and a bit of whipping cream (Crème Chantilly). It will be the perfect match to get along with your cup of espresso.

Bon appetit!
Ben – The South of France

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